The Bylaws of the NEXUS Association of REALTORS® are broken down into Articles and Sections. Click the link below to view the full version.

  pdf NEXUS Byaws - Revised 5/7/20 (228 KB)

The Articles included are as follows:

Article I - Name

Article II - Objectives

Article III - Jursidiction

Article IV - Membership

Article V - Qualification and Election

Article VI - Priviledges and Obligations

Article VII - Professional Standards and Arbitration

Article VIII - Use of the Terms REALTOR® and REALTORS®

Article IX - State and National Memberships

Article X - Dues and Assessments

Article XI - Officers and Directors

Article XII - Meetings

Article XIII - Committees

Article XIV - Fiscal and Elective Year

Article XV - Rules of Order

Article XVI - Amendments

Article XVII - Dissolution

Article XVIII - Multiple Listing