Month Flat Week Day
Wednesday, August 16, 2023 10:00 am - 11:00 am
1 Hour
Instructors - Speakers
Mike McKeown of Allied Mortgage Group
Not for CE
In-Person Event

NEXUS Morning Connect is a quick jot of industry tips and insights. This series is an impactful way to expand your knowledge in topics related to your industry, instructed by the professionals who know them best. Free for all NEXUS members. 

Many buyers today do not qualify for traditional financing. How do you serve them? We have many types of loan programs that can help these buyers buy homes. My class is teaching you about them, so you turn these clients into closed deals. 

  • Learn how a "bank statement loan" works and how we qualify them.
  • Purchasing an investment property using only the proposed rental income to qualify.
  • No doc loans. How these loans work and what is verified.
  • Foreign National Loans, ITIN, 1099's loans, and more!!!


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