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This page features events, Broker lunches, benefits, grand openings, news, etc., supplied to us by our NEXUS AOR REALTOR® and Affiliate member offices. This will be a resource for members to use to see what is happening in the area with their own and other offices. REMEMBER TO CHECK-IN OFTEN FOR UPDATES!




Broker's Luncheon - Tuesday, March 19th from 12 noon to 2:00pm

Entree at 30 Simsbury Dr., Voorhees - $979,000. Hosted by Jess Markus & Nikki David, Keller Williams Realty.



Smart Series Products from New Penn Financial. Click pdf here (114 KB) for more information from NEXUS AOR Affiliate, Jeremy Hill.


4 used Supra BT LE Boxes for Sale - $65/ea or call Linda at (856) 616-7115 for best offer!

6 new Supra BT LE Boxes for Sale - Call Marie for best offer! (609) 519-0608

2 new and 1 gently used Supra BT LE Boxes for Sale - $75/each or 3 for $180. Contact Rochelle at (609) 509-8361 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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From time to time we get information into us about suspicious persons and activity in the area.  

Although we cannot give names or any other personal information, we are again warning agents to please do your due diligence before meeting with or taking buyers out or into properties. Make sure you get confirmation that they are pre-qualified, even a quick Google search can show a great deal and talk to fellow agents if you get that "gut-feeling" when dealing with potential clients.

Here are some recent scenarios:

This incident took place during an open house on 3/4/18 in Riverton - Couple (male/female) with their teenaged son. Parked down the road from the actual house, once in could not be contained, spent 45 minutes in the basement, house is vacant so they may have been searching for copper, etc., agent had very strange conversations with the man, who did not want to even live in NJ becuase of taxes. Agent was further "red-flagged" once the family finally left, after an hour and a half, when the agent noticed that the sign-in sheet for them was gone. Agent has since contacted the sellers about anything missing and also revisited the house.

-Couple (male/female) with three children, looking for rentals in many different areas including Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Gibbsboro, etc. Very well put together family, very well-behaved children. Even though the male gives his real name, he has completely falsified all other information including, pay stubs, references and his credit report. He has a record for guns, dangerous substances, bad checks, skipping out on rent and "burning" several landlords along the way.  

-Couple (male/female), looking for houses mid/high $300K cash. Always dress in very outrageous outfits, asking agents for pick-up, extra rides and money. Have been seen going through homeowner's personal belongings once inside property. Several agent reports about this couple.

-Woman who says she is in the military, looking in the Burlington county area at a commercial multi-family bldg. She may be trying to access this bldg. for records, although the place is basically cleaned out. She has made several attempts to get into the building and has used different names with different agents. Authorities have been contacted by the seller of this building about her.

Do you have an event, workshop or course you want to share with the membership?

Please email
Liz Peters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the information. (NEXUS AOR reserves the right to run or not run materials as they see fit and will edit materials to keep consistency among the events.)

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