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For the safety of staff and members, both NEXUS office locations are CLOSED until further notice. Staff will work from home. Please view your emails for new updates to:
Bright listings, NJR Updates and COVID-19 Contract Addendum. NAR - Open House & COVID-19 update.

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From time to time we get information into us about suspicious persons and activity in the area.  

Although we cannot give names or any other personal information, we are again warning agents to please do your due diligence before meeting with or taking buyers out or into properties. Make sure you get confirmation that they are pre-qualified, even a quick Google search can show a great deal and talk to fellow agents if you get that "gut-feeling" when dealing with potential clients.

Here are some more recent scenarios:


March 2020 - Fraudulent Email Scam - We recently received notice from an agent whose email signature, including license information, was sent to their client asking them to give bank & transfer information to handle a transaction. Luckily, the client contacted their attorney about the email from the "realtor". The attorney, then contacted the true REALTOR® and the scam was realized. If you, or any agents you know, have faced similar scams, please contact the FBI at https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/newark to report the activity.

September / October 2019 - Fraudulent LBI Buyers - We have received information, from a NEXUS member, about a couple who have been shown to be fraudulant buyers. They do not have the funding that they say they have, but they are not afraid to sign contracts and then cancel the transactions. They act very strange and rude and have had outburts that have become violent. Several offices have reported that they tried working with them and have gotten the same behaivor when asked for proof of funds (which they lead agents to believe is cash). Brokers have had to dismiss them from their offices for safety concerns to the agents. They have been decribed as a caucasian couple, both about 60 years old. He has white/grey hair and no facial hair with a a stocky build just about 6ft tall. She is about 5'8" and medium build. They have been seen driving several different cars; grey Dodge Charger, white Jeep and a Mustang.We put this information as a reminder to stay alert and aware of your surroundings and who you work with and let enter homes. Do your research and also make sure that you get as much information about the prospective buyers that you can. This is not only a safety issue, but also can waste your time as an agent when you are dealing with scam artists such as this couple have shown to be.






 - Burlington & Camden Counties: 

TUESDAY, March 10 - 12 noon to 2pm

Entree at 2 Gristmill Ct., Medford - MLS# NJBL364176 - $450,000. Hosted by Nicole Snyderman, Entourage Elite Real Estate.


 - Ocean County: 



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