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Affiliate Articles

Get advice and answers from our affiliate partners and experts on business topics such as insurance, closings, mortgages and other home financing. Add value to your client relationships when you share tips that make the transaction smoother and more cost effective.

"F Words" in Real Estate

by Robert Rauf, Homebridge Financial

Your clients may be hearing these words more often because the pandemic has disrupted so many lives and livelihoods. Can a seller sell while in forbearance? Can a buyer buy if they have been furloughed from work? pdf Read more. (50.85 MB)


Why You Need a Lawyer in a Real Estate Transaction

by Regina Gelzer, Regina L. Gelzer, Attorney-at-Law, LLC

A lawyer can help you understand the contract, and negotiate changes to it that benefit and protect you.  pdf Read more. (587 KB)

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5 Reasons to Re-think End of the Month Closings

by Robert Rauf, Homebridge Financial

While end of the month closings are popular, consider alternative dates to avoid potential issues and extra expenses.   pdf Read more. (765 KB)


Can’t Find the Perfect Home? Yes, You Can. Here’s How.

by Robert Rauf, Homebridge Financial

If your buyer is set on a particular neighborhood or area, but is unable to find their ideal home in the desired location, a renovation loan may be the answer.   pdf Read more. (765 KB)


Disability Insurance Provides Income – and Peace of Mind – for REALTORS®

by Mark Tonoff, Tonoff Financial Services

Illnesses – such as heart disease, cancer, and back injury – are the most common cause of disabilities, not accidents. Learn how disability insurance can protect your lifestyle and dreams for the future. pdf Read more (3.14 MB)


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Affiliate Membership - Not in Real Estate but want to join us? Affilates are welcome to any individual involved in the industry relative to real estate; i.e., mortgage, title, inspection, appraisers, etc. Fill out the application HERE and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.