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NJ Executive Order 192 Effective: 6:00am ET, November 5, 2020: Updated pandemic health and safety mandates.

NJ REALTORS® updates with EO 192 can be viewed HERE.

NEXUS Updates: Please call us directly for assistance BEFORE any visits to either office location. With COVID-19, we are requiring appointments so we can arrange no/low contact pick-up for store items, Supra, etc. 
All CDC regulations must be followed for social distancing and masks must be worn, if entering the building, and for the full duration that you are in the building. Thank you for your cooperation. Stay healthy and safe!

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View the latest video message HERE from NEXUS' President, Ron Woods


Industry-related COVID-19 Updates and Resources:

As of June 15th, open houses are now permitted in NJ, but all parties must wear masks, practice social distancing and follow the indoor capacity limit of 25% of a building’s occupancy.

Can a brokerage office require agents' temperatures be taken before allowing them into the office?

Yes, both the CDC and EEOC have determined that taking employees’ body temperatures is permissible. By extension and as a prudent practice, brokerage offices can take temperatures of their agents. This should be done using the least invasive method possible (preferably a digital thermometer) and we do not recommend maintaining records of employee temperatures.

All employers have a duty to comply with CDC, OSHA, EEOC and federal and state laws, such as providing for social distancing, providing PPE, intensifying cleaning, etc.

Can a brokerage office require clients' temperatures be taken before allowing them into the office?

We do not recommend taking clients' temperatures or asking them to fill out questionnaires. Instead, the office could post a notice at the door stating that no one experiencing symptoms should enter. The notice could also ask all who enter wear a mask and practice appropriate social distancing.

PUA Update with Department of Labor


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